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The Society's Florida Bar Ad Campaign
The FCCMS has designated a significant proportion of member dues for the purposes of promoting this roster and website. The primary target for such marketing are litigation firms, paralegals and those that require mediation of civil/commercial matters on a regular basis. 

In consultation with the local Exec. Committee members, we've designated funds to the following publications and groups for the next year... 


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FL Member Directory 
Publication Dates: Feb 1, April 1, June 1, (skip August), Sep 1, Nov 1

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Objective: To recognize and promote all Members of our Florida Chapter

The ad features an easy to read directory of our members, based on the DRC defined regions of Northern, Central and Southern. The info displayed for each member is:

Full Name, BasedInCity, Circuits/Regions Served, Phone + Calendar checkbox
(to indicate if member is publishing his/her dates online) 

This directory ad has proved very successful in raising awareness of our website and the details will be updated regularly based on member profile data each month!


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View 2018 PDF

Quarter Page Ad - REVISED for 2018
(Jan 1st, March 1st, May 1st, July 1st, Oct 1st, Dec 1st)
Objective: To raise awareness of our NATIONAL Academy roster, as well as the FCCMS website.

This ad's focus is purely on our website(s), and how useful it is - the intent is to drive attorney traffic to the site, where they can then view profiles/calendars, use the QuickSearch tool etc. The ad will further help establish the FL Circuit-Civil Mediator Society as the state's premier association for experienced civil mediators, as well as furthering awareness of our National Academy roster of over 800 members.

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Quarter Page - Mediator Spotlight Gallery Ad -  (15th of each month)
Objective: To encourage readers to visit the Society website, by featuring the photographs and contact details for selected members.

A different format of ad again, this again promotes use of the site by use of the tagline "Finding The Right Mediator Just Got Much Easier..."

This ad will allow us to put some "faces to the names" of our members, allowing members the chance to have their practice highlighted, alongside their web address and contact details. Members are scheduled throughout the year, at the discretion of the NADN's management.





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Online Banner Advert 
Objective: To reach readers of the online edition of the FL Bar News

From 2009 onwards, this banner advert will be featured prominently on the home page of the online edition of FL Bar News. (Click here to visit the Bar News website).

Attorneys clicking on the ad will be directed straight to our Quicksearch page, so they can immediately see how useful the website is!
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In addition to the more costly print advertising, we will continue to market the Society through direct marketing means, as we've done since launch. These include:

POSTCARDS - Promotional postcards have previously been distributed sat at attorney events and
conventions, including the annual DRC conference, FL Bar attorney section events etc. These postcards
promote the Society, and encourage attorneys, paralegals etc to utilize the website and are readily available to members.

EMAIL/DIRECT MARKETING - Used sparingly, we have a database of over 10,000 attorneys based throughout the South East, including email addresses for most. Just once per year, we do a massive personalized email blast to these potential clients, advising them how useful they might find the website.
This email is carefully worded so as to comply with federal laws regarding spam (CAN-SPAM act, etc)

ONLINE PARTNERSHIPS - We have made efforts to ensure that the Society website is highly rated by all the major search engines, such as Google, Yahoo etc. We will continue to partner with websites and organizations that can drive relevant attorney/legal traffic to our site, including paralegal associations, Florida state websites, insurance groups, etc.

EVENT SPONSORSHIPS - We'll also look to sponsor, or have a presence at, Bar and Paralegal association events where we can raise awareness of the Society and our roster.

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PR: We have also had the Society website given a mention in publications such as...

FL Bar News - "You Can Now Find A Mediator Online" - Dec 15th 2006

Paralegal Association of Florida promotes the Society website to its members in its' quarterly InBrief Newsletter

Press Release circulated and published in official publications of AFTL, FDLA and
Paralegal Assoc of Florida - Dec 2006 (PDF)

Florida DRC Newsletter - "New Website For Mediators" - Mar 28th 2005



Florida Circuit-Civil Member Roster  ::  Legal Notice  ::  FCCMS is the Florida Chapter of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals

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