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John S. Freud
Mediation Solutions, Inc.
Museum Tower
150 West Flagler Street, Suite 2700
FL 33130

Tel: (305) 371-9120
Fax: (305) 371-9197

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1 Attorney Testimonials Recorded
Attorney Client:
Various Dispute Areas, i.e. Construction, etc.
International Mediation Institute

Dispute Type:
17 May 13
This Feedback Digest has been updated to include 5 Feedbacks in more than 5 Mediations as of April 27, 2009.

Parties and counsel who have used Mr. Freud would overwhelmingly use his services again and would, without hesitation, recommend him to others. Typical of the comments reflecting Mr. Freud’s acceptability are: (i) I would use him exclusively on all cases. He is the most sincere Mediator I have ever encountered with the attitude going in that he will settle the case; (ii) He is dedicated, treats everyone with the greatest respect. He is overwhelmingly responsive and extremely intelligent . At the same time he has the gift to be able to communicate to non-lawyers in describing the risks and rewards associated with the process; (iii) He is simply the best. He is tactical and manages expectations of counsel and the parties. He knows when to push and when to back off; (iv) He is probably the best mediator I have used in my 25-plus years as a trial lawyer; and (v) John is always very professional and courteous. He has an excellent intuition. When I have a case that I really feel needs to settle, John is always my top choice for the mediator.

Mr. Freud’s mediation skills and abilities are rated as highly effective. Typical of feedback received in this regard are: (i) Good communication with the parties and counsel and breaking down complex legal issues involving dozens of parties to expeditiously get to a resolution. He is bright beyond belief but that fact is not apparent in his approach. He is humble and never insults or belittles; (ii) John is one of the most competent, ethical, honest, hardest working construction mediators with whom I have had the pleasure to work with. His vast knowledge of construction issues and his keen insight into human nature blend well together, making him a very effective construction mediator. He sets the standard that everyone should strive to be as both a professional, and more importantly, as a person; (iii) Mr. Freud has a photographic memory and therefore, has the uncanny ability to make specific reference to a great deal of information, which is useful in impressing upon the parties the weaknesses in their case. More importantly, however, is his unique understanding of human behavior, psychology and emotion and his ability to employ that knowledge to the negotiation process to help resolve disputes; and (iv) John is extremely knowledgeable in the construction area and adept at applying negotiating skills in a group setting. He is always motivated to resolve disputes and creative in his approach.

Mr. Freud is also highly regarded for his ability to effect a positive outcome. For example, one provider of feedback noted that he would recommend John Freud to anyone that has a dispute to resolve. John Freud is simply a very trustworthy, honest and fair person. He treats everyone with respect and has the intellect to resolve any dispute. He is truly gifted. Another noted that while he has used numerous mediators over the 15 years he has been practicing law, in his opinion, John Freud sets the standard by which all other mediators should be measured.

Costs were widely reported as reasonable in the context of the value of the disputes mediated by Mr. Freud, and in general a very high degree of satisfaction was reported.

No reportable negative comments have been received since Mr. Freud’s designation as an IMI Certified Mediator.

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