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Florida Circuit-Civil Mediator Society - Member Roster
Membership in the Society is generally by invitation only. Membership is limited to established mediators and arbitrators, each of whom is confirmed to have met our nomination and experience requirements, and to have established a solid reputation in their respective field.

Formal Eligibility Criteria:
  • Only Supreme Court certified Circuit-Civil mediators of at least 3 years standing are eligible.
  • An initial nomination is generally required from an existing member of the roster; else our Advisory Committee will be consulted on the inclusion of any new applicant.
  • All Members are professional neutrals, in mediation/arbitration practice for a minimum of 3 years,
    and must declare that a minimum of 50% of their professional efforts are dedicated to mediation practice.
  • Applicants must have privately mediated/arbitrated at least 200 civil disputes, excluding pro bono,
    court appointed cases, or receive remuneration for mediation/arbitration work at least 30 days annually.
  • 8 attorney client references required on application (attorneys for whom neutral has mediated/arbitrated disputes in the preceding 2 months, excluding pro bono/court appt cases).
    Each will be contacted and questioned as to applicant's expertise and professionalism.

Through this strict qualification process, we are pleased to include the following established civil mediators in our Member Roster:

Approved Roster Members
Eric D. Dunlap Altamonte Springs Dunlap Mediation
David H. Lichter Aventura Lichter Law Firm
Laurie L. Riemer Esq. Aventura Mediation Offices of Laurie Riemer, Esq.
Jeffrey S. Grubman Boca Raton Jeffrey S. Grubman, P.A.
Harold G. Korbee Bonita Springs
D. Robert Hoyle Bradenton D. Robert Hoyle P.A.
James O. Williams MA MA JD Brandon Williams ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)
Charles Nelson Castagna Clearwater Charles N. Castagna Mediation, Inc.
Winston Terry Churchill II Clearwater Churchill Mediation
Rick Dalan Clearwater Dalan, Katz & Siegel, P.L.
James R. Case Clearwater Home Office of James R. Case
Charles A. Buford Clearwater Johnson, Pope, Bokor, Ruppel & Burns, LLP
Ricky D. Gordon Coconut Creek All Florida Mediation, Inc.
Juan Ramirez Jr. Former Chief Judge Coral Gables ADR Miami LLC
Jack Martin Coe Coral Gables Law Office of Jack Martin Coe, P.A.
Terrence M. White Daytona Beach Upchurch, Watson White & Max
Albert R. Tetrault Daytona Beach Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
John J. Upchurch Daytona Beach Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
Harold G. Korbee Estero Professional Mediation Arbitration Services
Del G. Potter Eustis Bowen & Schroth P.A.
Anne Bloom Fort Lauderdale Bloom Mediation
Frank J. Allocca Fort Lauderdale Florida Mediation Group, Inc.
James G. Gilmour Fort Lauderdale Florida Mediation Group, Inc.
Mike Carbo Fort Lauderdale Mediation Firm, Inc.
Jim Chaplin Fort Lauderdale Mediation Firm, Inc.
E. Hugh Chappell Fort Lauderdale Mediation Firm, Inc.
Thomas Lardin Fort Lauderdale Mediation Firm, Inc.
William S. Blatt Fort Lauderdale Mediation Offices
Simon M. Harrison Esq. Fort Myers Attorney at Law
Anne Dalton Fort Myers Dalton ADR
Denise Kennedy Fort Myers Denise H. Kennedy, P.A.
Peter C. Burkert Fort Myers Law & Mediation Offices
Kempton P. Logan Fort Myers Mediation & Arbitration Services
James L. Nulman Fort Myers Nulman Mediation Services, Inc.
J. Terrence Porter Fort Myers Porter Mediations
Robert O. Stripling Gainesville Stripling Mediation
Terry N. Silverman Esq. Gainesville Terry N. Silverman, P.A.
Charles B. Carter Gainesville The Resolution Center
Frederick D. Smith Gainesville The Resolution Center
J. Gary McMakin Esq. Indian Rocks Beach J. Gary McMakin, P.A.
David S. Brecher Jacksonville Attorney and Certified Circuit and Federal Court Mediator
Gil Whitaker Jacksonville Attorney and Certified Civil and Federal Court Mediator
Terrance Edward Schmidt Jacksonville Bledsoe, Schmidt, Lang & Wilkinson, P.A.
Gregg L. Wirtz Jacksonville Gregg L. Wirtz, P.A.
Blane McCarthy Jacksonville Injury Lawyer & Mediator
Penny W. Schmidt Jacksonville Jax Mediation Center
G. Michael Burnett Jacksonville North Florida Mediation Center, LLC
Brett Q. Lucas Jacksonville North Florida Mediation Center, LLC
Robert A. Cole Jacksonville Upchurch Watson White & Max
John P. Quinones IV Kissimmee Florida Court Resolution Center
Bruce W. Robinson Lake City Robinson, Kennon & Kendron, P.A.
Samuel G. Crosby Lakeland Central Florida Mediation Group, LLC
David C. Dale Lakeland Central Florida Mediation Group, LLC
Thomas Jason DeBari Lakeland Central Florida Mediation Group, LLC
Neal L. O'Toole Lakeland Central Florida Mediation Group, LLC
Louis J. Williams Lakeland Central Florida Mediation Group, LLC.
Sanford (Sandy) M. Estroff Lakeland Law, Arbitration and Mediation Offices
Kevin C. Lunsford Live Oak North Florida Mediation
Patrick J. Mastronardo Longwood Patrick J. Mastronardo, LLC
Mark Shelton Lutz Mark Shelton, P.A.
J. Joaquin Fraxedas Maitland Fraxedas Mediation Firm
Paul A. Shoucair Esq. Maitland Fraxedas Mediation Firm
A. Michelle Jernigan Maitland Upchurch Watson White & Max
Richard B. Lord Maitland Upchurch Watson White & Max
Howard R. Marsee Maitland Upchurch Watson White & Max
Kimberly Sands Maitland Upchurch Watson White & Max
John C. Briggs Maitland Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
Richard P. Reinhart Maitland Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
Lawrence M. Watson Jr. Maitland Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
David P Kirwan Marathon Mediation Professionals of the Florida Keys Inc.
Kim W. Torres Melbourne Torres Mediation Services
Brian F. Spector Miami Brian F. Spector, LLC
Hon. Joseph P. Farina (Ret.) Miami JAMS ADR
Karen Evans Miami Litigation Resolution Inc.
John S. Freud Miami Mediation Solutions, Inc.
Norman S. Gerstein Miami Norman S. Gerstein P.A.
Jill Nexon Berman Miami Rennert Vogel Mandler & Rodriguez, P.A.
Carol Cope Miami Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution
Robert A. Dulberg Miami Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution, Inc.
Elaine E. Feldman Miami Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution, Inc.
Ronald M. Friedman Miami Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution, Inc.
Louis M. Hillman-Waller Miami Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution, Inc.
Michael H. Lax Miami Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution, Inc.
Heidi M. Roth Miami Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution, Inc.
John W. Salmon Miami Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution, Inc.
Janet S. Seitlin Miami Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution, Inc.
Ricardo J. Cata Miami Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
Rodney A. Max Miami Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
Leslie W. Langbein Miami Lakes Langbein & Langbein, P.A.
Patrick C. Coughlan Naples Conflict Solutions
Robin Doyle Naples Doyle Conflict Resolution, Inc
Leonard P. Reina Esq. Naples Mediation & Arbitration Services, Inc.
Tara Miller Dane Esq. Naples Tara Miller Dane Mediation Services
Christine Layne Harter Ocala Christine L. Harter, P.A., d/b/a Mediation & Dispute Resolution Center
Ronald William Slonaker Ocala Slonaker Law Firm, LLC
Brandon Peters Ocala Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
Bureus Wayne Argo Esq. Ocala Wayne Argo P.A.
Joseph P. Ludovici Odessa Mediation Offices of Joseph P. Ludovici, Esq.
Larry I. Hauser Esq. Orlando Alvarez, Sambol, Winthrop & Madson, P.A.
P. Raul Alvarez Jr. Orlando Alvarez, Winthrop, Thompson & Storey, P.A.
Emery H. Rosenbluth Jr. Orlando Broad and Cassel
Jeffrey D. Keiner Orlando Gray Robinson
Gary S. Salzman Esq. Orlando Gray Robinson, P.A.
Julie Walbroel Esquire Orlando Julie Walbroel, P.A.
H. David Luff Orlando Law Offices of H. David Luff, P.A.
Lilburn R. Railey III Orlando Lilburn R Railey P.A.
Robert F. Higgins Esq Orlando Lowndes, Drosdick, Doster, Kantor & Reed, P.A.
David W. Henry Orlando Marshall, Dennehey, Warner, Coleman & Goggin
Jay Colling Orlando Mediate First, Inc.
Donna C. Doyle Orlando Mediate First, Inc.
Clement L. Hyland Orlando Mediate First, Inc.
Stan Strickland Orlando Mediate First, Inc.
Mark S. Walker Orlando Mediate First, Inc.
Philip L. Partridge Orlando Philip L. Partridge, PA
Lawrence H. Kolin Orlando/Maitland Upchurch Watson White & Max Mediation Group
Dan H. Honeywell Orlando/Winter Park Honeywell Mediation
John N. Boggs III Panama City Law Office of John N. Boggs
Charles L. Cetti Esq. Pensacola Certified Circuit-Civil Mediator at Law Offices of Charles L. Cettii
Michael J. Schofield Pensacola Clark Partington, Attorneys at Law
David W. Hiers Esq. Pensacola DAVIDSON & HIERS, P.A.
Brian Heath Kirkland Pensacola Kirkland & McGhee P.A.
Larry A. Matthews Pensacola Matthews & Higgins
Michael D. Smith Esq. Pensacola Michael D. Smith Mediated Settlements
Robert N. Heath Jr. Pensacola Robert N. Heath, P.A.
Thomas F. Condon Pensacola Thomas F. Condon, P.A.
James M. Wilson Pensacola Wilson, Harrell, Farrington & Ford, P.A.
Judith A. Bass Plantation Upchurch Watson White & Max
Charles Tetunic Plantation Upchurch Watson White & Max
William Zei Plantation Upchurch Watson White & Max
Dominic Brandy Plantation Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
Alvin Capp Plantation Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
Samuel L. Heller Plantation Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
Bob Zwicky Plantation Upchurch, Watson, White & Max
George F. Knox Port St. Lucie Knox Mediation
Stephan B. Widmeyer Punta Gorda Mediation Offices
Hal Wotitzky Esq. Punta Gorda Wotitzky Mediation Center, LLC
Dana J. Watts Esq. Sarasota Dana J. Watts Attorney at Law
Gary H. Larsen Sarasota Dickinson & Gibbons, P.A.
A. James Rolfes Sarasota Dickinson & Gibbons, P.A.
Edwin L. Ford Sarasota Edwin L. Ford
W. Andrew Clayton Jr. Sarasota Icard Merrill
Thomas F. Icard Jr. Sarasota Icard Merrill Cullis Timm Furen & Ginsburg P.A.
William Garth Christopher Sarasota Maglio Christopher & Toale PA Law Firm
Douglas B. Lumpkin Esq. Sarasota Wicker Smith, et al
Christina Magee Satellite Beach Brevard Mediation Services, LLC
James M. Nicholas Esq. Satellite Beach James M. Nicholas, PA
Harry E. Barr Shalimar Chesser & Barr, P.A.
H. Bart Fleet Esq. Shalimar Fleet & Smith, P.A.
Dudley D. Birder Jr. St. Augustine Dudley Birder Mediation, P.A.
Roger Charles Benson St. Petersburg Benson Mediation
Charles W. Ross Esq. St. Petersburg Charles W. Ross, P.A.
Christopher C. Ferguson St. Petersburg Christopher C. Ferguson, P.A.
Jon C. Kieffer St. Petersburg Kieffer & Rahter P.A.
Dick Rahter St. Petersburg Kieffer & Rahter P.A.
John C. Lenderman St. Petersburg Lenderman Mediation & Arbitration
William T. Atchley Jr. St. Petersburg Mediation Offices of William T. Atchley, Jr.
Michael J. Kohl St. Petersburg Michael J. Kohl, P.A.
Ken Bowen Esq. St. Petersburg Pinellas Mediation
Raleigh W. Greene ("Lee") St. Petersburg R. W. Greene, P.A.
Robert J. Lancaster St. Petersburg Robert J. Lancaster, P.A.
W. Jay Hunston Jr. Stuart W. Jay Hunston, Jr., P.A.
Mark E. Becker Tallahassee Attorney and Mediator
Kelly Overstreet Johnson Tallahassee Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC
Michael F. Coppins Tallahassee Coppins Monroe Adkins & Dincman P.A.
Kenneth B. Bell Tallahassee Gunster
P. Scott Mitchell Tallahassee Law Office of P. Scott Mitchell, LLC
Thomas H. Bateman III Tallahassee Messer Caparello P.A.
Dominic M. Caparello Tallahassee Messer, Caparello & Self P.A.
Michael G. Maida Tallahassee Michael G. Maida, P.A.
Jason OSteen Tallahassee OSteen And OSteen
Patrick J. Farrell Jr. Tallahassee Patrick J. Farrell. Jr., LLC
Chris A. Barker Tampa Barker & Cook, P.A.
Michael Anthony Tonelli Tampa Barr Murman & Tonelli
James A. Murman Esq. Tampa Barr Murman Tonelli Slother & Sleet
James R. Betts Esq. Tampa Betts Mediation
Bradley A. Kustin Tampa Bradley A. Kustin, Attorney & Mediator
Mark A. Hanley Tampa Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
Edward O. Savitz Tampa Bush Ross, P.A.
Jeffrey A. Caglianone Tampa Caglianone & Miller, P.A.
Cary R. Singletary Tampa Cary R. Singletary, PA
Timothy F. Malloy Tampa Certified Mediator & Arbitrator
Robert M. Daisley Esq. Tampa Daisley Mediation Group
F. Dennis Alvarez Tampa Genders Alvarez Diecidue
Murray B. Silverstein Tampa Greenspoon Marder, P.A.
Peter J. Grilli P.A. Tampa Grilli Mediation
Hilary High Tampa Hilary High P.A.
A. Woodson Isom Jr. Tampa Isom Mediation
Jake Munch Tampa Jake Munch Mediation Services
Jonathan C. Koch Tampa Koch Mediation Services
Lynn H. Cole Tampa Law Offices of Lynn Cole, P.A.
Victor D. Berg Tampa Leon & Berg P.A.
Stephen A. Leon Tampa Leon & Berg P.A.
Robert H. Bonanno Tampa Robert H. Bonanno, Attorney at Law
Christopher M. Shulman Tampa Shulman ADR Law, P.A.
Dale R. Sisco Tampa Sisco-Law
Steven A. Strickland Esquire Tampa Stuart & Strickland, P.A.
Stephen K. Stuart Esquire Tampa Stuart & Strickland, P.A.
Kenneth C. Whalen Tampa Whalen ADR
Jack L. Townsend Sr. Temple Terrace Law Office of Jack L. Townsend, Sr. P. A.
Howard Randal Brennan Vero Beach Brennan & Kretschmer
Steven A. Mayans West Palm Beach Mayans Mediation & Arbitration
Bruce G. Alexander West Palm Beach Ciklin Lubitz & O
Devon G. Coughlan West Palm Beach Conflict Solutions
Stephen G. Fischer West Palm Beach MATRIX Mediation
Theodore A. Deckert West Palm Beach Matrix Mediation, LLC
Charles A. Mancuso West Palm Beach Upchurch Watson White & Max
Jay M. Cohen Winter Park Jay Cohen, P.A.
Jill S. Schwartz Winter Park Jill S. Schwartz & Associates, P. A.
Lyzette SanGermain Winter Park Lyzette SanGermain, P.A.
Thomas Gerard Kane Esq. Winter Park Mediation Services of Central Florida, Inc.
Richard G. Wack Winter Park Mediation Services of Central Florida, Inc.
Reinald Werrenrath Winter Park Mediation Services of Central Florida, Inc.



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