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Florida ADR Organizations & Service Providers

Here for your benefit are links to the preeminent ADR organizations, agencies and companies involved in mediation/arbitration within the State of Florida.

The Academy has worked cooperatively with various bodies to ensure that only the most experienced civil/commercial ADR professionals in the state are included in our member roster. Although the vast majority of our members maintain certification by the Florida DRC, some of our members choose to remain outside of the DRC Mediator Roster...

Governing Body

FL Supreme Court - Dispute Resolution Center (DRC)

The Florida Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) was established in 1986 by Supreme Court of Florida Chief Justice Joseph Boyd and FSU College of Law Dean, Talbot D'Alemberte, as the first state-wide center for education, training and research in the field of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). The DRC certifies Florida's mediators and mediation training programs, as well as sponsoring an annual conference for mediators and arbitrators. To find out more about DRC, please visit the DRC site.

Association for Family Mediators

Florida Academy of Professional Mediators

The Florida Academy is the largest professional association for mediators in Florida. Members have a wide range of experience in mediation, and the academy itself is proactive in the promotion of mediation techniques as an efficient tool for the resolution of disputes. To visit the Florida Academy, please see www.tfapm.org

Florida ADR Panel Firms

Upchurch Watson White & Max

Upchurch Watson White & Max is a leader in alternative dispute resolution, and the premier mediation firm in the South Eastern United States. Known for facilitating reasonable agreements to resolve complex issues, the firm includes a large and growing number of Supreme Court certified attorney mediators with wide-ranging specialties. UWWM now has locations in a dozen offices across Florida and a Birmingham, Alabama office. Visit at www.uww-adr.com

Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution

Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution is a well-established, full service alternative dispute resolution firm that provides mediation, arbitration and other neutral services throughout Florida. With 7 offices throughout the state, Salmon & Dulberg Dispute Resolution has become a top dispute resolution firm in assisting parties achieve predictable and favorable outcomes. The firm’s distinguished panel of respected mediators includes shareholders John Salmon and Robert Dulberg, who collectively, have more than 40-years of experience as full time civil and family mediators. The Firm’s panel has mediated over 25,000 cases since its inception. Visit website at www.sd-adr.com.

Fraxedas Mediation Firm

Founded in 1992 by Joaquin Fraxedas, Fraxedas Mediation is a full-service dispute resolution firm. With uncommon imagination, commitment and staying power, the firm has constantly raised the bar on the number of cases we help bring to resolution and the amount of time and money we save clients. Over the years, the firm has earned a national reputation for helping resolve even seemingly intractable cases. Visit site at www.Fraxedas.com.


The largest ADR panel firm in the United States, JAMS mediators and arbitrators are Resolution Experts who resolve some of the nation's largest, most complex and contentious disputes. JAMS neutrals are skilled in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes including discovery referee, private judging, in addition to arbitration and mediation. For more information on JAMS, please visit www.jamsadr.com. 

Barr Murman ADR Office

The law firm of Barr Murman Tonelli Slother & Sleet of Tampa Bay has had a long standing commitment to servicing clients via the use of mediation. The firm has 4 Certified Mediators who offer creative solutions, and cost effective alternatives to litigation. To date, the firm has mediated over 7000 cases, covering all kinds of civil disputes; pre-suit and those in litigation in both State and Federal Courts, from single to multi-party claims. Visit website at www.barrmurman-adr.com.

Central Florida Mediation Group

Since 1987, CFMG has helped thousands of litigants receive justice and reach accords without the protracted headache, time and expense of going to court. CFMG's team of experienced mediators comprises a broad range of skill sets, giving us unparalleled ways to resolve even the most complex and contentious disputes. CFMG now offices in Lakeland, Bartow, Tampa, Orlando, Sebring & Altamonte Springs. Visit website at www.centralfloridamediationgroup.com.

Mediate First, Inc.

Mediate First is a professional dispute resolution firm with offices in Orlando and Melbourne dedicated to providing the highest caliber professional mediation and arbitration services. Visit website at www.mediatefirstinc.com.

Mediation Services of Central Florida Inc.

One of the fastest growing mediation firms in FL, MSCF has developed an excellent reputation for its panel of experienced ADR professionals. Visit website at www.mediationservicesofcentralflorida.com.

NADN State Chapters

America's Top Rated Civil Mediators & Arbitrators

Need a mediator or arbitrator from outside of Florida? NADN is pleased to recognize the most experienced civil/commercial neutrals around the United States, as voted by local litigators. Please feel free to visit our National Directory at www.NADN.org.

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