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List of Mediators in Tampa, Florida
The Florida Circuit-Civil Mediators Society is a statewide association whose membership consists of mediators and arbitrators distinguished by their hands-on experience in the field of conflict resolution, and by their commitment to methods of alternative dispute resolution.

Membership is limited to certified Circuit-Civil mediators who have proven experience in the resolution of commercial & civil disputes, and who have been recognized for their accomplishments through a peer-nomination and attorney client review process. Our members can assist you in the resolution of many types of dispute, including civil or commercial matters, family law matters, estate issues, and many more.

The following Tampa mediators are all qualified members of the FL Society.
Please click on a name to see more information on each member...


design element Chris A. Barker Tampa Barker & Cook, P.A.
design element Michael Anthony Tonelli Tampa Barr Murman & Tonelli
design element James A. Murman Esq. Tampa Barr Murman Tonelli Slother & Sleet
design element James R. Betts Esq. Tampa Betts Mediation
design element Bradley A. Kustin Tampa Bradley A. Kustin, Attorney & Mediator
design element Mark A. Hanley Tampa Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
design element Edward O. Savitz Tampa Bush Ross, P.A.
design element Jeffrey A. Caglianone Tampa Caglianone & Miller, P.A.
design element Cary R. Singletary Tampa Cary R. Singletary, PA
design element Timothy F. Malloy Tampa Certified Mediator & Arbitrator
design element Robert M. Daisley Esq. Tampa Daisley Mediation Group
design element F. Dennis Alvarez Tampa Genders Alvarez Diecidue
design element Murray B. Silverstein Tampa Greenspoon Marder, P.A.
design element Peter J. Grilli P.A. Tampa Grilli Mediation
design element Hilary High Tampa Hilary High P.A.
design element A. Woodson Isom Jr. Tampa Isom Mediation
design element Jake Munch Tampa Jake Munch Mediation Services
design element Jonathan C. Koch Tampa Koch Mediation Services
design element Lynn H. Cole Tampa Law Offices of Lynn Cole, P.A.
design element Victor D. Berg Tampa Leon & Berg P.A.
design element Stephen A. Leon Tampa Leon & Berg P.A.
design element Gary Nicholson Tampa Nicholson and Tombrink Mediations
design element Robert H. Bonanno Tampa Robert H. Bonanno, Attorney at Law
design element Christopher M. Shulman Tampa Shulman ADR Law, P.A.
design element Dale R. Sisco Tampa Sisco-Law
design element Steven A. Strickland Esquire Tampa Stuart & Strickland, P.A.
design element Stephen K. Stuart Esquire Tampa Stuart & Strickland, P.A.
design element Kenneth C. Whalen Tampa Whalen ADR



Florida Circuit-Civil Member Roster  ::  Legal Notice  ::  FCCMS is the Florida Chapter of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals

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